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Video Content Creator

  • Geleen
  • 32 - 40 uur
  • HBO

Video Content Creator

Let your creativity shine with entertaining audiovisual pieces

There is a creative side to all of us that likes to come out and play when we’re passionate about what we do. But yours… yours throws a party every time it comes into close proximity to a camera.

You’re a video content creator with an impressive portfolio that proves your seemingly endless need to produce more. Your energy is contagious because you spot opportunities where others only see objects. And you want to find a workplace where the creative skills you possess allow you to thrive in your field.

What skills would those be, you ask?

  • Being a visual thinker that dreams of content.
  • Adobe is an old friend to you.
  • That flexibility that allows you to seamlessly adapt to new situations.
  • Familiarity with the entire process, from pre-production to post-production.
  • You’re intimate with the beautiful chaos of the recording process, including handling the camera, lighting, and sound.
  • You like to stay informed about the latest trends in the field of film, video, and animations.
  • Your ability to work independently and with a team.
  • An enthusiastic approach to developing new ideas for video content with your peers.

Possessing this sort of expertise makes you not only a wise producer but also exactly the kind of sage that would perfectly handle all the duties of a video content creator at Dephion:

  • Working in different locations: office, studio, or on location.
  • Working with professional actors, or your own colleagues.
  • Creating content for our software solutions, promos, social media, or for internal company use.
  • Pitching your best and craziest ideas with a team of creatives that continuously inspire and challenge each other.

If you’re ready to work with interdisciplinary teams on-site, we’d love to have you. We are scientists, storytellers, artists, and developers, all working to craft something magnificent. And we can only do it together.

We are Dephion

Dephion develops personalized digital solutions to advance personal health and wellbeing on a global scale. We are an agile organization. We are building our future inside The Cubic, a high-tech fortress and our home in the Netherlands, armed with infinite ingenuity and passion. We stand for craftsmanship, exploration, and wellbeing.

And this is what we offer

You start with a full-time, one-year contract. Tell us what you deserve and earn a salary worthy of your skills . After one year of excellent collaboration and synchronicity between us, your contract can be extended indefinitely.

If you need a little flexibility in your ideal work schedule, be it working hours or work-from-home days, let’s have a conversation. We’re nothing if not flexible.

International talent, you will receive relocation support, including a budget for moving expenses and a temporary stay until you find your own place.

Every year as a full-time employee you’ll get 28 vacation days and myriad fringe benefits: a gym membership, free breakfast and lunch, lower health insurance premiums, and a generous contribution to your pension fund. Plus, we invest heavily in your professional education.

Most importantly, to join Dephion means finding a workplace that appreciates your hard-earned talent, encourages your professional growth, and, above all, promotes a healthy physical and mental environment for its workforce.

Does any of that sound good to you?

Want to know more?

Have a look at www.dephion.com

Learn more about Habtic at www.habtic.com

Want to apply?

Use the “Apply Now” button to tell our Talent Acquisition team why you’re a Video Content Creator to be reckoned with. If you have any questions, shoot a message to [email protected]

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