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Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer

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Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer

From start to end, your day’s thoughts revolve around finding ways to make the machines around you adapt more efficiently to your needs. It’s just the smart thing to do, isn’t it? It’s faster, more logical, and it frees up your time to… automate even more things.

We like you.

Our IT Infrastructure Engineer must be masters in the art of automation, containerization and, more importantly, know when there is a better solution. We want someone whose abstract reasoning abilities have reached the endgame. We want the kind of skills, that only someone who never stops pushing themselves can develop.

What skills would those be, you ask?

  • Experience of 7 years or more in a similar paid role.
  • You master and use Azure, AWS, and Google as if you’d been using them since you were in your mother’s arms.
  • Familiarity with virtualization and container-based cluster architectures.
  • Terms like load balancing and routing are not unknown to you.
  • Knowledge of how to handle configuration markup and cloud engineering is kind of important.
  • You recognize names like Linux, Python, shell scripting, SQL, database, system monitoring, and then some.
  • 2nd and 3rd line support experience.
  • Understanding agile methods would be useful.
  • You favour a service-oriented architecture.
  • The ability to work, communicate and play well with others. Like, actually play. We take gaming very seriously.
  • You enjoy picking side projects to grow your skills.
  • Having an impeccable, unquestionable, and incorruptible work ethic.

Possessing this sort of expertise makes you not only a wise engineer but also exactly the kind of sage we seek to fulfill the duties of our ideal Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer:

  • Maintaining and optimizing our infrastructure needs.
  • Ensuring continuation of services put in place.
  • Using your amazing networking, security, monitoring, scripting and database handling skills daily.
  • Working with teammates to create the best blueprints for the path forward.

Be ready to work with interdisciplinary teams on-site. We are scientists, storytellers, artists, and developers all working to craft something magnificent. And we can only do it together.

We are Dephion

Dephion develops personalized digital solutions to advance personal health and wellbeing on a global scale. We are an agile organization. We are building our future inside The Cubic, a high-tech fortress, and our home in the Netherlands, armed with infinite ingenuity and passion. We stand for craftsmanship, exploration, and wellbeing.

And this is what we offer

To begin, Dephion is willing to offer you a full-time, one-year contract with a salary based on your skills and performance. We’ll be happy to have you for even longer if things work out between us. And we will provide a generous contribution to your pension fund.

Every year as a full-time employee you’d get 28 vacation days and myriad fringe benefits: a gym membership, free breakfast and lunch, and lower health insurance premiums. You will get your own education budget.

Impress us, and it can all be yours.

Most importantly, to join Dephion means to become a part of our dream and future: to revolutionize the world of health and wellbeing globally. Are you ready for that?

Want to know more?

Have a look at www.dephion.com

Learn more about Habtic at www.habtic.com

Want to apply?

Use the “Apply Now” button to tell our Talent Acquisition team why you’re a IT Infrastructure Engineer to be reckoned with. If you have any questions, shoot a message to [email protected]

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