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Bulang and Sons

Bulang and Sons

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Over: Bulang and Sons

Bulang and Sons is a haven for all those who share our deep appreciation for things of a certain lasting quality by design. Since we come from a background of collecting – beautiful things in general and watches in particular – we want to offer a place for kindred spirits to feel understood and inspired by our selected content and the items in our shop.

Bulang and Sons was started in 2012, with its foundation deep in the personal passions of Bernhard Bulang. While leading his own design and communications agency, Bernhard was always on the hunt for designer furniture, fountain pens, shoes, jackets and other precious things. Finally, around 2006, the world of vintage watches caught his attention.

Soon after, Bernhard created his personal blog 100 Percent Rolex with a focus on the affectionate and innovative photography style which has become a trademark of Bulang and Sons on the one hand – and on the other, an adapted formula in the industry by now.
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